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In chloride-secretory epithelia, the basolateral Na-K-2Cl cotransporter (NKCC1) is thought to play a major role in transepithelial Cl(-) and fluid transport. Similarly, in marginal cells of the inner ear, NKCC1 has been proposed as a component of the entry pathway for K(+) that is secreted into the endolymph, thus playing a critical role in hearing. To test(More)
We reported previously that inhibition of Na(+)-K(+)-Cl(-) cotransporter isoform 1 (NKCC1) by bumetanide abolishes high extracellular K(+) concentration ([K(+)](o))-induced swelling and intracellular Cl(-) accumulation in rat cortical astrocytes. In this report, we extended our study by using cortical astrocytes from NKCC1-deficient (NKCC1(-/-)) mice. NKCC1(More)
Ion transporters play a central role in gastric acid secretion. To determine whether some of these transporters are necessary for the normal ultrastructure of secretory membranes in gastric parietal cells, mice lacking transporters for H+, K+, Cl-, and Na+ were examined for alterations in volume density (Vd) of basolateral, apical, tubulovesicular and(More)
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