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The views expressed in this report are the authors' and do not necessarily reflect those of the Department for Education and Skills. 2.1 Relationships and trust 8 2.11 Prior relationships 8 2.12 Trusting relationships 10 2.13 Relationships and tacit knowledge 11 2.14 It matters who it is: 'The person connection is significant' 12 2.2 Teacher and(More)
Body Weight Support Systems (BWSSs) are used for medical rehabilitation of patients with lower limb impairments. A typical BWSS comprises a series of multi-body segments with dynamics that suit complex human movement, a relationship that is imperative due to subtle and close interaction with the human body. At present, challenges exist in accurately(More)
The current practice of designing microfluidic Lab-on-a-Chip (LoCs) limits reusing designs and makes sharing tasks among researchers difficult. One way to achieve that objective is to borrow best practices from engineering. Also it takes a lot of skills to design LoCs. Design-by-assembly in which a LoC can be designed by configuring, laying out subsystems(More)
Executive Summary This essay is both about public education in ruins and the creation of a radical democratic alterative. Under neo-liberalism, education in England (and beyond) is withdrawing from a contracting public sphere and moving into an expanding market sphere. The dominant relationship in this emergent education is between autonomous parents and(More)
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