Michael Fielding

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Arabinoxylan is a major dietary fiber component of many cereals. Its physiological effects in the colon are largely unknown. This study examined the effects of an arabinoxylan-rich fiber (AX) extracted from a by-product of wheat flour processing in the rat colon compared with well-characterized soluble/rapidly fermentable and insoluble/slowly fermentable(More)
BACKGROUND The relationships between changes induced by diet in colonic epithelial kinetics and in the activities of brush border hydrolases are poorly defined. The aims of this study are to define these relationships, as changes in kinetics would be expected to influence differentiation, and to determine whether the type of ingested dietary indigestible(More)
The current practice of designing microfluidic Lab-on-a-Chip (LoCs) limits reusing designs and makes sharing tasks among researchers difficult. One way to achieve that objective is to borrow best practices from engineering. Also it takes a lot of skills to design LoCs. Design-by-assembly in which a LoC can be designed by configuring, laying out subsystems(More)
The purpose of this study was to examine the bleeding patterns of 234 Norplant users during 5 years of use and to identify the bleeding patterns of users who conceived. During the first year of use, 26.6% of users had regular bleeding cycles, 66.3% had irregular cycles, and 7.1% were amenorrheic. By the fifth year of use, 62.5% of users had regular cycles,(More)
Sensitization to chemicals resulting in an allergy is an important health issue. The current gold-standard method for identification and characterization of skin-sensitizing chemicals was the mouse local lymph node assay (LLNA). However, for a number of reasons there has been an increasing imperative to develop alternative approaches to hazard(More)
Body Weight Support Systems (BWSSs) are used for medical rehabilitation of patients with lower limb impairments. A typical BWSS comprises a series of multi-body segments with dynamics that suit complex human movement, a relationship that is imperative due to subtle and close interaction with the human body. At present, challenges exist in accurately(More)