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OBJECTIVE Sports medicine clinicians commonly use multiple tests when evaluating patients with concussion. The specific tests vary but often include symptom inventories, posturography, and neurocognitive examinations. The sensitivity of these tests to concussion is vital in reducing the risk for additional injury by prematurely returning an athlete to play.(More)
PURPOSE Athletic performance demands simultaneous use of cognitive and postural control capabilities. Decrements to both systems have been observed following concussion. This study evaluated a dual-task methodology to establish the tenability of using this testing model in concussed athletes. METHODS Nonconcussed subjects were assessed over 2 d. Subjects(More)
CONTEXT To ensure that concussed athletes return to play safely, we need better methods of measuring concussion severity and monitoring concussion resolution. OBJECTIVE To develop a dual-task model that assesses postural stability and cognitive processing in concussed athletes. DESIGN Repeated measures study. SETTING University laboratory. PATIENTS(More)
For any simple graph H, let σ(H, n) be the minimum m so that for any realizable degree sequence π = (d1, d2,. .. , dn) with sum of degrees at least m, there exists an n-vertex graph G witnessing π that contains H as a weak subgraph. Let F k denote the friendship graph on 2k + 1 vertices, that is, the graph of k triangles intersecting in a single vertex. In(More)
PURPOSE The objective of this study is to determine the stability and sensitivity of a dual-task (DT) methodology that can be used to assess the effects of concussion in athletes. METHODS Fifty-nine healthy young adults (Mage = 20.32 ± 1.84 yr, 19 males) who volunteered to participate completed auditory switch tasks that varied in length (30, 40, and 60(More)
Let ω0(G) denote the number of odd components of a graph G. The deficiency of G is defined as def (G) = max X⊆V (G) (ω0(G − X) − |X|), and this equals the number of vertices unmatched by any maximum matching of G. A subset X ⊆ V (G) is called a Tutte set (or barrier set) of G if def (G) = ω0(G − X) − |X|, and an extreme set if def (G − X) = def (G) + |X|.(More)
S port in today's society is more popular than probably ever imagined. Large numbers of athletes participate in a variety of youth, high school, collegiate, professional, and recreational sports. As sport becomes more of a fixture in the lives of Americans, a burden of responsibility falls on the shoulders of the various organizations, coaches, parents,(More)
Sport related concussion should always be treated seriously and systematically S port related concussion has received considerable attention in both the lay media and medical literature in recent years. As a result, clinicians, coaches, parents, and athletes at all levels of competition are becoming educated about the necessity to treat concussions(More)
OBJECTIVE Poor effort on baseline neuropsychological tests is expected to influence interpretation of post-concussion assessment scores. Our study examined effort in an athletic population to determine if poor effort effects neuropsychological test performance. METHODS High school athletes (N=199) were administered a brief neuropsychological test battery,(More)
The ImPACT (Immediate Postconcussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing) is a computerized neurocognitive test used to assist in the management of sport concussion management. A number of studies have documented the reliability and sensitivity of the ImPACT, but no studies have examined the equivalence of the ImPACT's alternate forms. The objective of our(More)