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Sankoff and Ferretti (1996) introduced several models of the evolution of chromosome size by reciprocal translocations, where for simplicity they ignored the existence of centromeres. However, when they compared the models to data on six organisms they found that their short chromosomes were too short, and their long chromosomes were too long. Here, we(More)
Two methods of biostimulation were compared in a laboratory incubation study with monitored natural attenuation (MNA) for total petroleum hydrocarbon (TPH) degradation in diesel-contaminated Tarpley clay soil with low carbon content. One method utilized rapid-release inorganic fertilizers rich in N and P, and the other used sterilized, slow-release(More)
In this paper, we present an investigation into the use of cue phrases as a basis for dialogue act classification. We define what we mean by cue phrases, and describe how we extract them from a manually labelled corpus of dialogue. We describe one method of evaluating the usefulness of such cue phrases, by applying them directly as a classifier to unseen(More)
Colipase is essential for efficient fat digestion. An arginine-to-cysteine polymorphism at position 92 of colipase (Arg92Cys) associates with an increased risk for developing type-2 diabetes through an undefined mechanism. To test our hypothesis that the extra cysteine increases colipase misfolding, thereby altering its intracellular trafficking and(More)
To date, nickel(II) oxide (NiO) is one of the few p-type semiconductors that has successfully been used for the construction of dye-sensitized photocathodes as well as tandem dye-sensitized solar cells. In this study we present a novel fabrication method for the preparation of mesoporous NiO films based on preformed NiO nanopowders. Critical properties such(More)
non-progress cycles (Hol92]) are both incompatible with partial order reduction , such as proposed in Peled94, HP94]. We h a ve discussed a mod-iication of one of the two algorithms that secures compatibility with reduction methods, and that suuces to solve b o t h s e a r c h problems eeciently and uniformly. Acknowledgement: The authors are most grateful(More)
The structural stability of type-I K8Si46 clathrate has been investigated at high pressure by synchrotron x-ray diffraction. In contrast to that observed in the Na-doped structure-II analogue [A. San-Miguel, Phys. Rev. Lett. 83, 5290 (1999)]], no phase separation into the beta-Sn Si structure was identified at 11 GPa. Instead, K8Si46 is found to undergo a(More)
Many attempts have been made to build a tool for supporting mechanized reasoning about concurrent and distributed systems using TLA. In this report we show that the theorem prover Eves works well for TLA + and we develop a veriication and design tool based on TLA + and Eves. We pay particular attention to the practicability of the approach and use adequate(More)