Michael Fazio

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Now more than ever, the pulsed power field is driven by size, weight, and volume constraints. In both the military and commercial arenas, there is an overwhelming need to provide more and more capability in ever smaller and lighter packages. The need for higher energy density, power density, reliability, and efficiency is driving progress in the field. This(More)
AJDISK is a 1-D large signal klystron simulator developed at Stanford Linear Accelerator Center. A brief discussion of AJDISK's simulation algorithm is given and fully developed to show how AJDISK was extended to enable sheet beam klystron simulations. The primary requirement for extending disk simulators to sheet beam simulators is a space charge equation.(More)
The effects of topiramate in 15 patients with drug refractory partial epilepsy or Lennox-Gastaut syndrome were assessed in an open, add-on prospective study. After a follow-up of 14–21 months, six patients are still on topiramate (mean dosage 583 mg/day, range 400–800 mg/day), and nine have discontinued treatment because of adverse events (n=6), inefficacy(More)
Kosmahl and Branch's derivation for the electric field in a round beam gap is closely followed to derive the electric field for a sheet beam klystron gap. The wider of the two transverse dimensions of the gap is taken to be infinite in extent and the field is derived based on an approximation of the gap field at the drift tube edge. The electric field(More)
This paper presents the general equations for computing pH, dissociation coefficients, buffering power and ionic strength of pure polyelectrolyte solutions (polyacids, polybases and zwitterionic species with any number of dissociable groups) and mixtures of any number of these species. A program has been written for simulating the behaviour of mixtures(More)
Condensation between ethyl formate and estradiol 16-keto derivatives, in which the 17beta-hydroxyl groups had been protected as tetrahydropyranyl ethers, produced the corresponding 15-hydroxymethylene compounds. These, by cyclization with hydrazine, gave the [16,15-c]-pyrazole derivatives. Further reactions, such as hydrolysis, etherification and chromic(More)
'Syrupy' solutions of liquid linear polyacrylamide (> or = 10%T, 0%C) appear to be excellent for fractionation of oligonucleotides and, potentially, for DNA sequencing. For such analyses, the silica wall must be coated by covalently bound strings of polyacrylamide; otherwise, the electroosmotic flow will slowly pump out the viscous electrolyte solution. Due(More)
The experimental validation refers to the computer program reported in the companion paper, able to simulate the course of pH, buffering power (beta) and ionic strength (I) of polyprotic buffers (either singly or in a mixture) titrated over any pH range. With simple oligoamines (up to five nitrogens) it is shown that it is impossible to generate linear pH(More)
A straightforward technique for functionalization of multiwalled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) with magnetite (Fe(3)O(4)) nanoparticles was developed. Iron oxide nanoparticles were deposited on MWCNT surfaces by a deposition-precipitation method using Fe(3+)/Fe(2+) salts precursors in basic solution. The characterizations by HRTEM, XRD, SEM/EDX, AAS and TPR(More)