Michael Fanning

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JavaScript is a language that is widely-used for both web- based and standalone applications such as those in the upcoming Windows 8 operating system. Analysis of JavaScript has long been known to be challenging due to its dynamic nature. On top of that, most JavaScript applications rely on large and complex libraries and frameworks, often written in a(More)
As news stories continue to demonstrate, ensuring adequate security and privacy in a networked "always on" world is a challenge; and while open source software can mitigate problems, it is not a panacea. This panel will bring together experts from industry and academia to debate, discuss, and offer opinions -- questions might include: What are the "costs"(More)
Keywords: Legal cyberspace-foreign law-graphics environment-databases-knowledge-bases-seamless interface-multimedia-hypertext-law on terrorism-electronic book. Abstract: The paper introduces 'Legal Cyberspace' which can be regarded as a tool for exploring other legal worlds. In practical terms legal cyberspace is a computer-generated interactive graphics(More)
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