Michael Fanning

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JavaScript is a language that is widely-used for both web- based and standalone applications such as those in the upcoming Windows 8 operating system. Analysis of JavaScript has long been known to be challenging due to its dynamic nature. On top of that, most JavaScript applications rely on large and complex libraries and frameworks, often written in a(More)
OBJECTIVE To ensure an efficient publicly funded podiatric service for people with diabetes in regional Victoria, a Podiatry Diabetes Model (PDM) of care was developed. The aim of this study was to determine if people with diabetes attended the most appropriate podiatric service as depicted by the model. METHODS A 3-month prospective clinical audit of the(More)
As news stories continue to demonstrate, ensuring adequate security and privacy in a networked "always on" world is a challenge; and while open source software can mitigate problems, it is not a panacea. This panel will bring together experts from industry and academia to debate, discuss, and offer opinions -- questions might include: What are the "costs"(More)
Certain flavonoids inhibit antigen-induced release of histamine from mast cells and basophils and also inhibit contraction of guinea pig ileum induced by histamine, acetylcholine, and PGE2. We examined the effect of one flavonoid, quercetin, on anaphylactic smooth muscle contraction of ileum from guinea pigs sensitized to egg albumin. Quercetin inhibited(More)
ONE OF THE most bewildering aspects of returning to nursing is knowing where to start and where to find information. From April 2000 practitioners will be required to undertake a course before renewing or reapplying for their registration following a break. The UKCC defines a break in practice as working fewer than 750 hours or 100 days in the preceding(More)
Keywords: Legal cyberspace-foreign law-graphics environment-databases-knowledge-bases-seamless interface-multimedia-hypertext-law on terrorism-electronic book. Abstract: The paper introduces 'Legal Cyberspace' which can be regarded as a tool for exploring other legal worlds. In practical terms legal cyberspace is a computer-generated interactive graphics(More)
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