Michael Fagan

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The computer games industry is now bigger than the film industry. Until recently, technology in games was driven by a desire to achieve real-time, photo-realistic graphics. To a large extent, this has now been achieved. As game developers look for new and innovative technologies to drive games development, AI is coming to the fore. This paper will examine(More)
Software update messages are commonly used to inform users about software updates, recent bug fixes, and various system vulnerabilities, and to suggest recommended actions (e.g., updating software). While various design features (e.g., update options, message layout, update message presentation) of these messages can influence the actions taken by users, no(More)
1. INTRODUCTION Today, cyber criminals often exploit known software vul-nerabilities to breach a computer's security [1]. These attacks are often preventable by keeping the system up-to-date via installing the latest software and security updates. Old buggy software often leads to poor system performance and inefficient resource utilization as well.(More)
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