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Underwater Acoustic Networks (UANs) are utilized in many sensitive commercial, scientific and military applications. However, current network protocols have not been designed to defend against security attacks that can block or degrade network communication and performance. Geographic routing is an essential service used in UANs and current protocols are(More)
Software update messages are commonly used to inform users about software updates, recent bug fixes, and various system vulnerabilities, and to suggest recommended actions (e.g., updating software). While various design features (e.g., update options, message layout, update message presentation) of these messages can influence the actions taken by users, no(More)
Modern cloud-based applications (e.g., Face book, Dropbox) serve a wide range of edge clients (e.g., laptops, smart phones). The clients' characteristics vary significantly in terms of hardware (e.g., high end desktop vs. resource constrained smart phones), operating systems (e.g., Linux, Android, Mac OS, Windows), network connections (e.g., wireless vs.(More)
The benefits of the object-oriented paradigm are widely cited. At the same time, inspection is deemed to be the most cost-effective means of detecting defects in software products. Why then, is there no published experience, let alone quantitative data, on the application of inspection to object-oriented systems? We describe the facilities of the(More)
Usable security researchers have long been interested in what users do to keep their devices and data safe and how that compares to recommendations. Additionally, experts have long debated and studied the psychological underpinnings and motivations for users to do what they do, especially when such behavior is seen as risky, at least to experts. This study(More)
1. INTRODUCTION Today, cyber criminals often exploit known software vul-nerabilities to breach a computer's security [1]. These attacks are often preventable by keeping the system up-to-date via installing the latest software and security updates. Old buggy software often leads to poor system performance and inefficient resource utilization as well.(More)
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