Michael Fadeev

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The effect of substituted nicotinamides and isonicotinamides and Pt(IV) metal complexes based on the substituted nicotinamides and isonicotinamides on the activity of cAMP phosphodiesterase was studied. Isonicotinamide derivatives are efficient enzyme activators, whereas substituted nicotine amides are inhibitors of enzymatic cAMP phosphodiesterase(More)
DNA-tethered poly-N-isopropylacrylamide copolymer chains, pNIPAM, that include nucleic acid tethers have been synthesized. They are capable of inducing pH-stimulated crosslinking of the chains by i-motif structures or to be bridged by Ag(+) ions to form duplexes. The solutions of pNIPAM chains undergo crosslinking at pH 5.2 or in the presence of Ag(+) ions(More)
Previously unreported platinum tetrachloride derivatives have been synthesized via the interaction between dipotassium- and disodiumhexachloroplatinates with substituted amides of nicotinic and isonicotinic acid. The synthesized compounds exhibit low general toxicity and show high antimetastatic activity with respect to experimental melanoma B-16 and Lewis(More)
Interaction of hydroxymethylnitrodiethylmalonate with ammonia produced, in contrast to published data, the ammonium salt of nitrodiethylmalonate; catalytic reduction of this compound with hydrogen followed by treatment with the chloranhydride of the 2-nitroxyethyl ester of succinamic acid yielded 2-nitroxyethylsuccinylaminodiethylmalonate. The final(More)
The effect of mexidol (M) and nitroxymexidol (NM) on the activity of phosphodiesterase of cyclic guanosine monophosphate (PDEcGMP), regulation of lipid peroxidation (LPO), and antiradical and antihypoxic activity was investigated under normoxia and normobaric hypercapnic hypoxia conditions. Reversible and noncompetitive inhibition of the hydrolytic function(More)
We present the assembly of asymmetric two-layer hybrid DNA-based hydrogels revealing stimuli-triggered reversibly modulated shape transitions. Asymmetric, linear hydrogels that include layer-selective switchable stimuli-responsive elements that control the hydrogel stiffness are designed. Trigger-induced stress in one of the layers results in the bending of(More)
The inhibitory action of nicotinamide N-nitroxyalkylamide derivatives (NANDs) on the hydrolase activity of Na/K-ATPase was studied. NANDs contain two peptide bonds and fragments of amides of glycine, β-alanine, α-aminopropanecarboxylic acid, or γ-aminobutyric acid. It is established that the inhibitory effect of NANDs depends on the concentration and(More)
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