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The Meaning in Life Questionnaire: Assessing the Presence of and Search for Meaning in Life
Counseling psychologists often work with clients to increase their well-being as well as to decrease their distress. One important aspect of well-being, highlighted particularly in humanisticExpand
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The Curiosity and Exploration Inventory-II: Development, Factor Structure, and Psychometrics.
Given curiosity's fundamental role in motivation, learning, and well-being, we sought to refine the measurement of trait curiosity with an improved version of the Curiosity and Exploration InventoryExpand
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Measuring Meaningful Work
Many people desire work that is meaningful. However, research in this area has attracted diverse ideas about meaningful work (MW), accompanied by an equally disparate collection of ways of assessingExpand
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Experiencing meaning in life: Optimal functioning at the nexus of well-being, psychopathology, and spirituality.
Meaning in life has been a topic of fertile empirical inquiry for several decades. Over this span of time a large, loosely connected body of research findings has emerged. In this chapter, anExpand
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Experiential avoidance as a generalized psychological vulnerability: comparisons with coping and emotion regulation strategies.
Extending previous work, we conducted two studies concerning the toxic influences of experiential avoidance (EA) as a core mechanism in the development and maintenance of psychological distress, andExpand
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Meaning in Life: One Link in the Chain From Religiousness to Well-Being
Meaning in life has been identified as a potential mediator of the link between religiousness and psychological health. The authors tested this hypothesis in 2 studies, using multiple methods andExpand
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Understanding the search for meaning in life: personality, cognitive style, and the dynamic between seeking and experiencing meaning.
Although several theories assert that understanding the search for meaning in life is important, empirical research on this construct is sparse. Three studies provide the first extensive effort toExpand
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Meaning in life across the life span: Levels and correlates of meaning in life from emerging adulthood to older adulthood
Meaning in life is thought to be important to well-being throughout the human life span. We assessed the structure, levels, and correlates of the presence of meaning in life, and the search forExpand
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Development and Validation of the Calling and Vocation Questionnaire (CVQ) and Brief Calling Scale (BCS)
Research on work as a calling is limited by measurement concerns. In response, the authors introduce the multidimensional Calling and Vocation Questionnaire (CVQ) and the Brief Calling scale (BCS),Expand
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Calling and Work-Related Outcomes: Career Commitment as a Mediator.
Abstract The current study tested the hypothesis that experiencing a calling to a particular career would relate positively to work-related outcomes, and that these relations would be mediated byExpand
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