Michael F Z Wang

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Epithelial-mesenchymal transitions play key roles in development and cancer and entail the loss of epithelial polarity and cell adhesion. In this study, we use quantitative live imaging of ingressing neuroblasts (NBs) in Drosophila melanogaster embryos to assess apical domain loss and junctional disassembly. Ingression is independent of the Snail family of(More)
Embryos extend their anterior-posterior (AP) axis in a conserved process known as axis elongation. Drosophila axis elongation occurs in an epithelial monolayer, the germband, and is driven by cell intercalation, cell shape changes, and oriented cell divisions at the posterior germband. Anterior germband cells also divide during axis elongation. We developed(More)
The development of new microscopy techniques for super-resolved, long-term monitoring of cellular and subcellular dynamics in living organisms is revealing new fundamental aspects of tissue development and repair. However, new microscopy approaches present several challenges. In addition to unprecedented requirements for data storage, the analysis of high(More)
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