Michael F. Whittaker

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We introduce twisted relative Cuntz-Krieger algebras associated to finitely aligned higher-rank graphs and give a comprehensive treatment of their fundamental structural properties. We establish versions of the usual uniqueness theorems and the classification of gauge-invariant ideals. We show that all twisted relative CuntzKrieger algebras associated to(More)
We introduce the notion of orbit equivalence of directed graphs, following Matsumoto’s notion of continuous orbit equivalence for topological Markov shifts. We show that two graphs in which every cycle has an exit are orbit equivalent if and only if there is a diagonal-preserving isomorphism between their C∗-algebras. We show that it is necessary to assume(More)
We investigate which topological spaces can be constructed as topological realisations of higher-rank graphs. We describe equivalence relations on higher-rank graphs for which the quotient is again a higher-rank graph, and show that identifying isomorphic co-hereditary subgraphs in a disjoint union of two rank-k graphs gives rise to pullbacks of the(More)
We study the external and internal Zappa-Szép product of topological groupoids. We show that under natural continuity assumptions the Zappa-Szép product groupoid is étale if and only if the individual groupoids are étale. In our main result we show that the C∗algebra of a locally compact Hausdorff étale Zappa-Szép product groupoid is a C∗-blend, in the(More)
We initiate the study of correspondences for Smale spaces. Correspondences are shown to provide a notion of a generalized morphism between Smale spaces and are a special case of finite equivalences. Furthermore, for shifts of finite type, a correspondence is related to a matrix which intertwines the adjacency matrices of the shifts. This observation allows(More)
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