Michael F. Mitoma

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If other processes request the lock while it is granted then they are placed in a queue of waiters and suspended. When the lock becomes available, requests are granted in first-come first-served order. Setting and clearing a lock costs ten instuctions if no waiting is involved. If waiting is involved,it costs 50 instructions plus two process dispatches(More)
The Seventh Symposium on Operating Systems Principles, held in December 1979, continues an excellent tradition. Part of that tradition includes the publication of some of the best papers in a subsequent issue of the Communications of the ACM. The papers from the Seventh SOSP are included here, and give a good indication of the quality of the program from(More)
Virtual machines have long been used for functional testing of operating systems and to obtain the services of multiple operating systems from a single machine. They have not been used for performance evaluation however, because the timing observed by a program executing in a virtual machine is unpredictable and dependent on such factors as system load,(More)
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