Michael F. Merriman

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AIMS This study is performed to determine the epidemiology and incidence of ocular trauma in Waikato, New Zealand. METHODS The data was analysed on age, sex, ethnicity and type of trauma. Visual acuity (VA) at presentation and discharge was recorded. Details of slit lamp examination were noted. RESULTS There were a total of 821 injuries. Men had higher(More)
Acquired hyperopia with choroidal folds is an uncommon but well recognized condition that is often benign and classically shows flattening of the posterior pole of the affected eye, variable enlargement of the optic nerve complex, and a space between the optic nerve and its sheath. A case is presented that shows the perineural space is best seen on magnetic(More)
We present a large comparative series of trypan blue use in cataract surgery. This series of trypan blue used in all eyes regardless of cataract severity may be unique. We found an apparent increased rate of cystoid macular oedema (CMO) associated with trypan blue use. Melles et al's 1 report on the use of trypan blue in cataract extraction in 1999 combined(More)
Homogenized brain, extracts, and residues of brain from normal and scrapie sheep were inoculated into 116 sheep. Of 72 sheep inoculated with scrapie material 27 developed the disease, whereas four of 44 inoculated with ;normal' brain material showed symptoms similar to those of scrapie. The scrapie agent survived extraction for 18 hours with diethyl ether(More)
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