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Light absorbers with moderate band gaps (1-2 eV) are required for high-efficiency solar fuels devices, but most semiconducting photoanodes undergo photocorrosion or passivation in aqueous solution. Amorphous TiO2 deposited by atomic-layer deposition (ALD) onto various n-type semiconductors (Si, GaAs, GaP, and CdTe) and coated with thin films or islands of(More)
Nitrous oxide (N(2)O), a widespread greenhouse gas, is a thermodynamically potent and environmentally green oxidant that is an attractive target for activation by metal centers. However, N(2)O remains underutilized owing to its high kinetic stability, and the poor ligand properties of this molecule have made well-characterized metal-N(2)O complexes a(More)
Measurement of the photocurrent as a function of the thickness of a light absorber has been shown herein both theoretically and experimentally to provide a method for determination of the minority-carrier diffusion length of a sample. To perform the measurement, an illuminated spot of photons with an energy well above the band gap of the material was(More)
An Electrochemical, Microtopographical and Ambient Pressure X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopic Investigation of Si/TiO2/Ni/Electrolyte Interfaces Michael F. Lichterman,a,b,= Matthias H. Richter,a,b,= Shu Hu,a,b,= Ethan J. Crumlin,c,= Stephanus Axnanda,c Marco Favaro,c,d,e Walter Drisdell,d,e Zahid Hussain,c Bruce S. Brunschwig,b,f Nathan S. Lewis,a,b,f,g,∗(More)
Rotating disk electrodes (RDEs) are widely used in electrochemical characterization to analyze the mechanisms of various electrocatalytic reactions. RDE experiments often make use of or require collection and quantification of gaseous products. The combination of rotating parts and gaseous analytes makes the design of RDE cells that allow for headspace(More)
We report the synthesis and structural characterization of a family of well-defined organoazide complexes supported by a three-fold-symmetric pyrrolide scaffold and their conversion to the corresponding terminal imido congeners. Kinetic measurements on a series of structurally homologous but electronically distinct vanadium organoazide complexes reveal that(More)
Although semiconductors such as silicon (Si), gallium arsenide (GaAs), and gallium phosphide (GaP) have band gaps that make them efficient photoanodes for solar fuel production, these materials are unstable in aqueous media. We show that TiO2 coatings (4 to 143 nanometers thick) grown by atomic layer deposition prevent corrosion, have electronic defects(More)
Reactively sputtered nickel oxide (NiOx) films provide transparent, antireflective, electrically conductive, chemically stable coatings that also are highly active electrocatalysts for the oxidation of water to O2(g). These NiOx coatings provide protective layers on a variety of technologically important semiconducting photoanodes, including textured(More)
Energy Environ. Sci., 2015, 8, 2409--2416 | 2409 Cite this: Energy Environ. Sci., 2015, 8, 2409 Direct observation of the energetics at a semiconductor/liquid junction by operando X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy† Michael F. Lichterman,‡ Shu Hu,‡ Matthias H. Richter,‡ Ethan J. Crumlin,‡ Stephanus Axnanda, Marco Favaro, Walter Drisdell, Zahid Hussain, Thomas(More)
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