Michael F. Kleyn

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Object-Oriented programming is a powerful means of developing large complex systems. In this paper we address the need to understand the behavior of objects in order to facilitate code sharing and reusability. We describe <italic>GraphTrace</italic>, a tool we have developed that has allowed us to experiment with new ways of visualizing the dynamic behavior(More)
This paper describes a high level language for specifying programnu " ng environments for programnu " ng languages that are based on directed attributed graphs. The high level language allows the spec$er to describe views of portions of a program written in such a graph based language, the editing operations used to create the program, animations of the(More)
This paper describes a new methodology for specifying and constructing complex interaction dialogs for the design of user interfaces. The method is new in that it promotes a decomposition of the interaction in terms of events in AND/OR graphs called Event-Decomposition Graphs (EDG). These Event-Decomposition Graphs can be progressively refined to capture(More)
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