Michael F. Conlon

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In this paper a technical review of the integration of a Unified Power Quality Conditioner (UPQC) in a distributed generation network is presented. Although the primary task of UPQC is to minimize grid voltage and load current disturbances along with reactive and harmonic power compensation, additional functionalities such as compensation of voltage(More)
This paper presents the identification and classification of different faults that can occur in a LCC-HVDC system, with the help of artificial neural network (ANN) training algorithm technique. In particular, single-line to ground, double-line to ground, line-line, HVDC transmission line (dc link) and load side inverter faults are examined. A complete model(More)
Treating injured workers can be a time-consuming task for the physician. These patients bring with them a host of issues and needs that influence their response to treatment. The physician must be aware of the numerous nonmedical issues that can influence the patient's recovery and ability to return to work. The physician is the key player in managing these(More)
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