Michael F. Barnsley

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The top-selling multimedia encyclopedia Encarta, published by Microsoft Corporation, includes on one CD-ROM seven thousand color photographs which may be viewed interactively on a computer screen. The images are diverse; they are of buildings, musical instruments, people’s faces, baseball bats, ferns, etc. What most users do not know is that all of these(More)
Chaotic dynamics can be used to model shapes and render textures in digital images. This paper addresses the problem of how to model geometrically shapes and textures of two dimensional images using iterated function systems. The successful solution to this problem is demonstrated by the production and processing of synthetic images encoded from color(More)
This paper contains four main results associated with an attractor of a projective iterated function system (IFS). The first theorem characterizes when a projective IFS has an attractor which avoids a hyperplane. The second theorem establishes that a projective IFS has at most one attractor. In the third theorem the classical duality between points and(More)
A simple, yet unifying method is provided for the construction of tilings by tiles obtained from the attractor of an iterated function system (IFS). Many examples appearing in the literature in ad hoc ways, as well as new examples, can be constructed by this method. These tilings can be used to extend a fractal transformation defined on the attractor of a(More)