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Ontologies are defined as “the formal specification of a shared conceptualization of a domain of interest” [7]. Unlike most other ontology engineering methodologies, the DILIGENT methodology aims specifically at the collaborative and distributed building of ontologies, providing a rich argumentation framework in order to quickly proceed with building the(More)
Mortality during the finishing phase in beef steers has increased over the last 13 years at a rate of 0.05% per year for cattle fed in Cactus Feeders' operations. A change in the demographics of placements has also occurred, in that heavier weight cattle are being placed as compared to previous years. Morbidity rates are lower, but higher case fatality(More)
A theoretical and experimental study was performed on convective micro mixing in T-shaped micro mixers. In these devices symmetric laminar vortices are developing at low Reynolds numbers Re. The symmetry breaks up with increasing Re numbers. This leads to an enormous enhancement of the mass transfer in the mixing channel. Numerical simulations of the flow(More)
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