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In a between-group study, men were much more likely to profess willingness to donate sperm if it would be used solely for research purposes (67% yes) than if it would be used for reproduction through the process of donor insemination (24%). Offered several reasons why one might be willing to be a sperm donor, men nominated “money” and “helping out a couple(More)
Correlational research suggests that men show greater attraction to feminine female faces when their testosterone (T) levels are high. Men's preferences for feminine faces also seem to vary as a function of relationship context (short versus long-term). However, the relationship between T and preferences for female facial femininity has yet to be tested(More)
Sport provides a context in which mate choice can be facilitated by the display of athletic prowess. Previous work has shown that, for females, team sport athletes are more desirable as mates than individual sport athletes and non-participants. In the present study, the perceptions of males and females were examined regarding potential mates based on sport(More)
It is well established that stress is related to changes in eating patterns. Some individuals are more likely to increase their overall food intake under conditions of stress, whereas others are more likely to consume less food when stressed. Attachment style has been linked to disordered eating and eating disorders; however, comparisons of eating behaviors(More)
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The author examines the specific nature of child psychoanalysis, its characteristics in Quebec and elsewhere, and the criteria for this kind of analysis. She analyses what distinguishes child psychoanalysis from other forms of therapy (including family therapy), its impact on the family as a whole, how the parents feel about the consultation, the importance(More)
PURPOSE Stress has been associated with deviations from typical eating patterns, with respect to both food choice and overall caloric intake. Both increases and decreases in dietary intake have been previously noted in response to stress. The purpose of the present study was to determine whether the affect regulation strategies of emotional control and(More)
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