Michael Ehret

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Herbivory by wide-ranging fishes is common over tropical reefs, but rare in temperate latitudes where the effects of herbivorous fishes are thought to be minimal. Along the west coast of North America, herbivory by fishes on nearshore reefs is largely restricted to a few members of the Kyphosidae, distributed south of Pt. Conception. This paper presents(More)
A detailed physical and functional map of the chloramphenicol (Cm) resistance plasmid pC223 from Staphylococcus aureus was compiled. The plasmid's basic replicon and origin of replication were located and their nucleotide sequences determined. Two small RNAs of 92 and 155 nt, demonstrated by in vitro transcription with vegetative Bacillus subtilis RNA(More)
We provide a framework for the design of sustainable business models. While extant literature on business models focuses on unlocking positive externalities, we propose a business model framework that effectively addresses negative externalities. A taxonomy based on transorganizational models and governance modes classifies instruments that counsel(More)
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