Michael Edward Edgerton

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Complex and multiphonic voice signals of vocal improvisors are analyzed within the framework of nonlinear dynamics. Evidence is given that nonlinear phenomena are extensively used by performers associated with contemporary music. Narrow-band spectrograms of complex vocalizations are used to visualize the appearance of nonlinear phenomena (spectral(More)
Oxysterols arising from the diet or through lipid peroxidation may be important in the modulation of cellular cholesterol metabolism. In this study, the metabolism of one of the oxysterols, 25-hydroxycholesterol (25OHC), was examined in J774 and mouse peritoneal macrophages. Uptake of 25OHC from serum was rapid and substantial. Esterification of the(More)
RESEARCH on parent perceptions of infant temperament and child maladjustment has evolved from an initial interpretation of parent reports as objective, veridical descriptions of the child to an interpretation of parent reports as social perceptions that reflect both objective qualities of children and personality characteristics of parents (Bates 1983).(More)
This paper presents a previously unreported method of laryngeal vocal sound production that is capable of producing pitches even higher than the whistle register (M3). Colloquially known as the glottal whistle (here referred to as M4), this method has a wider range than M3 and features frequent instances of biphonation, which is of interest for those(More)
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