Michael Eberlein

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BACKGROUND The balance between reactive oxygen species (ROS) and endogenous anti-oxidants is important in maintaining healthy tissues. Excessive ROS states occur in diseases such as ARDS and Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis. Redox imbalance breaks down the extracellular matrix component hyaluronan (HA) into fragments that activate innate immune responses and(More)
INTRODUCTION Cryptococcus neoformans is an encapsulated yeast that causes serious infections in immunocompromised populations. The majority of cases occur in HIV-infected individuals. Disseminated disease is uncommon, and very rarely includes peritonitis. CASE PRESENTATION We report a case of a 41-year-old, HIV-negative, Caucasian man with alcoholic liver(More)
OBJECTIVES The role of radical pleurectomy (RP) in the management of IMIG stage III in malignant pleural mesothelioma (MPM) remains controversial. The aim of the study was to investigate the feasibility and outcome as well as to determine factors predicting poor survival. METHODS Patients having IMIG stage III MPM were identified within a prospective(More)
BACKGROUND Patterns of pulmonary function tests (PFTs) and flow-volume loops among patients with clinically important tracheobronchomalacia (TBM) are not well described. Small studies suggest 4 main flow-volume loop morphologies: low maximum forced expiratory flow, biphasic expiratory curve, flow oscillations, and notching. We studied common PFT and(More)
We present a graph-based framework for airway tree reconstruction from computerized tomography (CT) scans and evaluate the performance of different feature categories and their combinations on five lung cohorts. The approach consists of two main processing steps. First, potential airway branch and connection candidates are identified and represented by a(More)
OBJECTIVES Mechanical ventilation tidal volumes are usually set according to an estimate of patient size in millilitres (ml) per kilogram (kg) body weight. We describe the relationship between donor-recipient lung-size mismatch and postoperative mechanical ventilation tidal volumes according to recipient- and donor-predicted body weights in a cohort of(More)
Due to their relatively homogeneous lifestyle and living environment, the Amish offer a novel opportunity to study the health associations of tobacco smoke exposure, particularly secondhand smoke. We hypothesized that secondhand smoke exposure is associated with worse pulmonary and cardiometabolic health. We examined cross-sectional data on 3568 Amish study(More)
BACKGROUND Lovastatin has a unique ability to bind Leukocyte Function Antigen-1 (LFA-1), an integrin necessary for the full expression of inflammatory cytokines induced by the low molecular weight form of the extracellular matrix glycosaminoglycan hyaluronan (LMW HA). We hypothesized that lovastatin could inhibit LMW HA inflammatory signals via interaction(More)
BACKGROUND Systematic lymph node dissection is not routinely performed in patients undergoing pulmonary metastasectomy (PM) of colorectal cancer. The aim of the study was to identify risk factors for lymph node metastases (LNM) and to determine prognosticators for survival in colorectal cancer patients with pulmonary metastases. METHODS We retrospectively(More)
AIM To systematically review reports on deceased-donor-lobar lung transplantation (ddLLTx) and uniformly describe size matching using the donor-to-recipient predicted-total lung-capacity (pTLC) ratio. METHODS We set out to systematically review reports on ddLLTx and uniformly describe size matching using the donor-to-recipient pTLC ratio and to summarize(More)