Michael Eberl

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To enable the eecient utilization of clusters of workstations it is crucial to develop a stable and rich software infrastructure. The ESPRIT Project SISCI will provide two widely used message{passing interfaces, MPI and PVM, as well as a POSIX compliant , distributed thread package (Pthreads) on multiple SCI{based clusters. This paper features motivation(More)
| In this paper, we describe three fast communication libraries that we have developed for a cluster with an SCI interconnect: (1) an implementation of Active Messages ; (2) a library which exports the Berkeley Sockets API, but, in contrast to the conventional TCP/IP protocol suite, employs lightweight, user-level communication mechanisms internally; (3)(More)
Due to the ever increasing system complexity, deciding whether a given platform is sufficient to implement a set of applications under given constraints becomes a serious bottleneck in platform-based design. As a remedy, the work at hand proposes a novel automatic platform-based system synthesis procedure, inspired by techniques developed in the context of(More)
Today, design automation approaches for automotive E/E-architectures focus solely on application functionality, neglecting firmware-related functionalities like diagnostic tests that are of utmost importance for quality features such as dependability or maintenance. However, the latter are typically considered dispensable since they do not provide direct(More)
This paper describes the design of a common message passing layer for implementing both MPI and PVM over the SCI interconnect in a workstation or PC cluster. The design is focused at obtaining low latency. The message layer encapsulates all necessary knowledge of the underlying interconnect and operating system. Yet, we claim that it can be used to(More)
Active Messages haben sich als effizientes Kommunikationsverfahren insbesondere auf Kommunikationstechnologien durchgesetzt, die einen direkten Zugriff des Benutzers ohne Intervention des Betriebssystems zulassen. Als Nachteil der leichtgewichtigen Kommunikation erwiesen sich jedoch die nicht ausreichenden Schutzmechanismen, vor allem bei der Verwendung(More)
This paper summarizes the results that were obtained using the parallel 3D electromagnetic field simulation program POLOPT on a cluster of PCs connected via an SCI network interface. Compared to previous measurements carried out with conventional network technologies like Ethernet or Fast Ethernet, a significant rise in parallel efficiency can be obtained.(More)
This paper summarizes the results that were obtained using the parallel 3D electric eld simulation program POLOPT on a cluster of PCs connected via Fast Ethernet. With the high performance of the CPUs and interconnection technology, the results can be compared to those obtained on multiprocessor machines. Several practical high voltage engineering problems(More)