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This paper introduces a number of indicators on various aspects of competition laws and competition agencies in order to make competition policies comparable. It contains an indicator concerned with the objectives and the instruments of competition laws, a second indicator evaluating to what degree an economic – as opposed to a legal – approach to(More)
Membership in international organizations is often considered to have beneficial consequences for their member countries – as well as for the international community at large. In this paper, we analyze whether and to what extent governments can increase their credibility by becoming members of international organizations. We hypothesize that the degree of(More)
Legal philosophers like Montesquieu, Hegel and Tocqueville have argued that lay participation in judicial decision-making would have benefits reaching far beyond the realm of the legal system narrowly understood. From an economic point of view, lay participation in judicial decision-making can be interpreted as a renunciation of an additional division of(More)
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