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Why Teleworkers are More Satisfied with Their Jobs than are Office-Based Workers: When Less Contact is Beneficial
This study challenges assumptions regarding the value and necessity of frequent face-to-face workplace interaction by building upon a theoretical framework for the consequences of telecommuting.
Interpersonal Communication: The Social Exchange Approach
This is a book which examines the social exchange theories of relations between people. These theories tend to view communication as an exchange or extraction of benefit undertaken out of self
Serial Arguing and Relational Quality
Most research has employed methods that treat interpersonal arguments as though they occur in a single episode or that ignore their episodic nature. However, limited research suggests that a
Demand/withdraw patterns in serial arguments: Implications for well-being
Serial arguing has been linked to relational difficulties. We extend this research by looking at the relationship between demand/withdraw patterns enacted during argumentative episodes and aversive
Sense-making activities and interpersonal conflict: Communicative cures for the mulling blues
Cognitive and communicative activities directed toward understanding disputes in ongoing relationships are argued to influence perceptions of problem seriousness and partner responsibility. In the
Testing the Connectivity Paradox: Linking Teleworkers' Communication Media Use to Social Presence, Stress from Interruptions, and Organizational Identification
Scholars emphasize the importance of rich communication media for the development of Teleworkers' organizational identification, but tests of these relationships have produced inconsistent results.
The International Encyclopedia of Interpersonal Communication
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The Chilling Effect of Aggressive Potential on the Expression of Complaints in Intimate Relationships.
This study examined relationships between a partner's aggressive potential and the expression of complaints about that partner's controlling behaviors. A two‐part survey of 160 college students
Extra-Role Time, Burnout, and Commitment
This study examines the relationships of extra-role time (ERT) behavior with burnout and occupational commitment among teachers through the lens of conservation of resources (COR) theory. Results
Attributing sexual consent
Abstract Women are more likely to be sexually victimized by their dating partners or acquaintances than by strangers. In part, unwanted sexual intercourse results from misinterpreted sexual consent.