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Intention, Plans, and Practical Reason
1. Introduction 2. On the way to the planning theory 3. Plans and practical reasoning 4. Agent rationality: toward a general theory 5. Reconsideration and rationality 6. Agent rationality: theExpand
Plans and resource‐bounded practical reasoning
A high‐level specification of the practical‐reasoning component of an architecture for a resource‐bounded rational agent, where a major role of the agent's plans is to constrain the amount of further practical reasoning she must perform. Expand
Shared Cooperative Activity
We have a recognizable and important concept of a shared cooperative activity. This concept picks out a distinctive kind of interpersonal interaction, one that many of us see as important in ourExpand
Faces of Intention: Selected Essays on Intention and Agency
1. Introduction: planning agents in a social world Part I. Acceptance and Stability: 2. Practical reasoning and acceptance in a context 3. Planning and temptation 4. Toxin, temptation, and theExpand
Two Faces of Intention
We do things intentionally, and we intend to do things. Our commonsense psychology uses the notion of intention to characterize both our actions and our mental states: I might intentionally start myExpand
Practical Reasoning and Acceptance in a Context
In practical reasoning and action we seek to realize our intentions and satisfy our desires in the light of what we believe. Or so we are taught to say. In this essay I question the last clause andExpand
What is intention
Fischer and Ravizza on Moral Responsibility and History@@@Responsibility and Control: A Theory of Moral Responsibility
There is much of significance in John Fischer and Mark Ravizza's thoughtful book. I will, however, focus primarily on their interesting and suggestive claim that "moral responsibility is anExpand
Reflection, Planning, and Temporally Extended Agency
We are purposive agents; but we-adult humans in a broadly modern world-are more than that. We are reflective about our motivation. We form prior plans and policies that organize our activity overExpand
Shared Intention
In Choice: The Essential Element in Human Action Alan Donagan argued for the importance of "will" to our shared understanding of intelligent action.1 By "will" Donagan meant a complex of capacitiesExpand