Michael E. Thompson

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Glucose-induced β-cell action potential (AP) repolarization is regulated by potassium efflux through voltage gated (Kv) and calcium activated (K(Ca)) potassium channels. Thus, ablation of the primary Kv channel of the β-cell, Kv2.1, causes increased AP duration. However, Kv2.1(-/-) islet electrical activity still remains sensitive to the potassium channel(More)
RATIONALE Previous research has determined that rats reared in an enriched condition (EC) are more sensitive to the effects of acute systemic amphetamine than rats raised in an impoverished condition (IC). OBJECTIVES The present experiments examined the effect of environmental enrichment on locomotor activity following repeated injections of nicotine.(More)
A comparative study using the techniques of ERG to measure the b-wave and light scattering relaxation spectrophotometry (LSRS) to determine the dynamic behavior Mg-ATP dependent processes in the rod photoreceptors of pigmented control and dystrophic RCS rats has been carried out. LSRS results, based exclusively on photoreceptor rod outer segment dynamics,(More)
INTRODUCTION Self-rated health is a widely used health outcome measure that strongly correlates with physical and mental health status and predicts mortality. This study identified the set of predictors of fair/poor self-rated health in adult female and male populations of Armenia during a period of long-lasting socio-economic transition to a market(More)
We present a novel method to correct automatically generated speech transcripts of talks and lecture videos using text from accompanying presentation slides. The approach finesses the challenges of dealing with technical terms which are often outside the vocabulary of speech recognizers. Further, we align the transcript to the slide word sequence so that we(More)
We investigated the ability of high concentrations of oestradiol to reverse the growth inhibitory action of tamoxifen on MCF-7 breast cancer cells in vivo. Tamoxifen inhibits the oestradiol stimulated growth of MCF-7 cells in athymic mice. Using a sustained release preparation of tamoxifen we consistently achieved serum concentrations of the drug in the 40(More)
BACKGROUND US Latinos have greater prevalence of type 2 diabetes (diabetes), uncontrolled diabetes and diabetes co-morbidities compared to non-Latino Whites. They also have lower literacy levels and are more likely to live in poverty. Interventions are needed to improve diabetes control among low-income Latinos. METHODS AND DESIGN This randomized clinical(More)
BACKGROUND The former soviet Republic of Armenia entered a turbulent and long-lasting economic transition when it declared its independence in 1991. This analysis sought to identify the determinants of poor self-rated health as an indirect measure of health status and mortality prognosis in an adult female population during a period of socio-economic(More)
The major pharmacological ingredient in tobacco smoke is nicotine, a mild stimulant known to alter brain electrical activity. The objective of this study was to determine if tobacco smoking in humans produces localized or widespread neocortical dominant alpha electroencephalographic (EEG) frequency increases consistent with nicotine stimulation of the(More)