Michael E. Stark

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We describe a patient (NJ), with a progressive visual disturbance, who showed an impairment in identifying larger visually-presented objects relative to their smaller counterparts. NJ showed this size effect for line drawings of objects, words and single letters. When presented with large letters comprised of smaller letters and asked to give speeded(More)
The strengths of product line engineering have been described before. But how can an organization make the move from developing one-of products to product line engineering without major interruptions in the day-today work? This paper describes how to perform the transition to product line engineering and lists the various strategies for such a transition.(More)
Software product lines promise benefits like development and maintenance effort reduction, time to market decrease, and quality improvement, all resulting from planned and systematic reuse of common core assets. However, very little quantitative data has been measured so far to prove these promises. This paper formulates and discusses 7 hypotheses on how(More)
Progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP) is the epitome of a subcortical dementia process. Due to its relative rarity, there is only a small literature on the neuropsychological consequences of PSP. The findings to date demonstrate that PSP patients have dramatically slowed information processing and motor execution, rapid forgetting, problems in orienting(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe ideomotor apraxia in patients with corticobasal degeneration and those with progressive supranuclear palsy, two parkinsonian disorders that are often misdiagnosed due to the overlap in their clinical features, and to determine whether systematic apraxia testing is useful for differential diagnosis. METHODS Fourteen patients(More)
The NASA Goddard Space Flight Center is developing a guidance , navigation, and control flight software product line that includes both processes and their accompanying products. The processes include a domain and application engineering process that have been influenced by Synthesis[1] and FAST[2]. The products include graphical and textual analysis/design(More)