Michael E. Stark

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The strengths of product line engineering have been described before. But how can an organization make the move from developing one-of products to product line engineering without major interruptions in the day-today work? This paper describes how to perform the transition to product line engineering and lists the various strategies for such a transition.(More)
Preoperative evaluation and postoperative follow-up of breast cancer patients vary considerably. Recent literature suggests that routine surveillance studies for breast cancer patients can be reduced without compromising the outcome. The Ohio State Chapter of The American College of Surgeons Committee on Cancer sponsored a survey of its general surgeon(More)
The NASA Goddard Space Flight Center is developing a guidance, navigation, and control flight software product line that includes both processes and their accompanying products. The processes include a domain and application engineering process that have been influenced by Synthesis[1] and FAST[2]. The products include graphical and textual analysis/design(More)
The Flight Dynamics Division (F’DD) of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center has employed object-oriented methods and the Ada language on spacecraft attitude simulators since 1985. While software reuse trends on the first three projects were promising (see Figure 1), the level of reuse was not significantly higher than that on recent FORTRAN simulators(More)
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