Michael E. Shank

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Catalysis of hydrogen peroxide dismutation by the dimanganese catalase from Thermus thermophilus has been measured and found to obey Michaelis-Menton kinetics with no evidence for substrate inhibition at concentrations up to 0.45 M H2O2. Comparison among three dimanganese catalases (Thermus thermophilus, Thermoleophilium album, and Lactobacillus plantarum)(More)
Tttis article addresses the use and benefits of ttie Critical Success Factor (CSF) methodology in identifying corporate information needs and, subsequently, in developing a corporate information systems plan. The conclusions presented are drawn from an analysis of a CSF study conducted at Financial Institutions Assurance Corporation (FtAC). Interestingly,(More)
Fuzzy classification, or pixel unmixing, is the estimation of the proportion of the cover types from the composite spectrum of a mixed pixel. In this paper, we evaluate how the separation between class means, the covariance matrix of each class, and the relative location of the class means in the spectral space limit the fuzzy representation of mixtures.(More)
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