Michael E Seidle

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This study was designed to 1) determine whether isokinetic dynamometry is appropriate and safe for ambulatory patients with multiple sclerosis and 2) describe the idiosyncrasies the patients with multiple sclerosis exhibited during testing. Ten patients with multiple sclerosis and 20 healthy subjects were matched for age, sex, and weight. The isokinetic(More)
This study determines the characteristics of the multiple sclerosis gait, identifies the progressive gait changes associated with this degenerative disease, and determines the effects of an aquatic exercise program on gait parameters. Eleven patients with multiple sclerosis volunteered to participate and were filmed three times during a 10 week period with(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the single-fiber characteristics and muscle weakness of persons with multiple sclerosis (MS) with that of healthy persons without MS. DESIGN Descriptive. SETTING A university-based exercise physiology laboratory. PARTICIPANTS Fourteen subjects (7 controls, 7 people with relapsing-remitting MS; Expanded Disability Status Scale(More)
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