Michael E. Reimer

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The ability to achieve near-unity light-extraction efficiency is necessary for a truly deterministic single-photon source. The most promising method to reach such high efficiencies is based on embedding single-photon emitters in tapered photonic waveguides defined by top-down etching techniques. However, light-extraction efficiencies in current top-down(More)
We control the electrostatic environment of a single InAsP quantum dot in an InP nanowire with two contacts and two lateral gates positioned to an individual nanowire. We empty the quantum dot of excess charges and apply an electric field across its radial dimension. A large tuning range for the biexciton binding energy of 3 meV is obtained in a lateral(More)
A bright photon source that combines high-fidelity entanglement, on-demand generation, high extraction efficiency, directional and coherent emission, as well as position control at the nanoscale is required for implementing ambitious schemes in quantum information processing, such as that of a quantum repeater. Still, all of these properties have not yet(More)
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