Michael E. Rauch

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The discovery in the mid-1970s that occupational exposures to pesticides could diminish or destroy the fertility of workers sparked concern about the effects of hazardous substances on male reproductive health. More recently, there is evidence that sperm quantity and quality may have declined worldwide, that the incidence of testicular cancer has(More)
Mitchell has proposed a series of factors that may aid in the identification of individual patients with intracranial hypertension at risk for decreased intracranial adaptive capacity. The etiology of decreased intracranial adaptive capacity is failure of normal intracranial compensatory mechanisms. The defining characteristic of this nursing diagnosis is(More)
—We have demonstrated powerful new techniques for identifying the optical impairments causing the degradation of an optical channel. We use machine learning and pattern classification techniques on eye diagrams to identify the optical impairments. These capabilities can enable the development of low-cost optical performance monitors having significant(More)
We summarize the DARPA CORONET program approach to bandwidth-on-demand, and implementation and demonstration of Cloud Computing applications in network testbeds. Recently, there has been major impetus for Bandwidth-on-Demand (BoD) in carrier networks, driven by the burgeoning demand for cloud computing services and a desire to reduce costs through bandwidth(More)
— A dynamic optical network that adjusts quickly and automatically to changes in offered traffic load provides performance superior to that of a network of fixed, static optical connections only under certain conditions, such as a high degree of interconnectivity among the network nodes and a coarse granularity of traffic demands relative to link capacity.
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