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BACKGROUND Studies in the United States show that rural persons with HIV are more likely than their urban counterparts to be diagnosed at a late stage of infection, suggesting missed opportunities for HIV testing in rural areas. To inform discussion of HIV testing policies in rural areas, we generated nationally representative, population-based estimates of(More)
Administrative code data (ACD), such as International Classifications of Diseases, Ninth Revision, Clinical Modification codes, are widely used in surveillance and public reporting programs that seek to identify healthcare-associated infections (HAIs); however, little is known about their accuracy. This systematic review summarizes evidence for the accuracy(More)
Many studies have evaluated bundled interventions to improve hand hygiene compliance. However, there are few evidence-based recommendations on optimal interventions for implementation. We aimed to systematically review all studies on interventions to improve hand hygiene compliance to evaluate existing bundles and identify areas of promise to target(More)
Rapid and accurate health literacy screening tools could assist interventions to improve care in the HIV clinic setting. Prior studies described brief screening questions for identification of persons with low health literacy, but the performance of these questions in HIV clinics is unknown. We examined the accuracy of provider perception and previously(More)
BACKGROUND Many veterans engaged in care with the Veterans Administration (VA) health system are also enrolled in Medicare and/or Medicaid and may receive care both inside and outside of the VA. Use of dual health systems has been associated with worse outcomes. Veterans with HIV may have different rates of Medicare and Medicaid enrollment and may be at(More)
BACKGROUND There will be increasing pressure to publicly report and rank the performance of healthcare systems on human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) quality measures. To inform discussion of public reporting, we evaluated the influence of case-mix adjustment when ranking individual care systems on the viral control quality measure. METHODS We used data(More)
OBJECTIVE Many persons with HIV do not receive needed behavioral health services. This study examined the impact of medical clinic characteristics on access to mental health and substance abuse care for persons with HIV. METHODS This was a longitudinal survey of patients and clinic directors participating in the HIV Cost and Services Utilization Study, a(More)
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