Michael E Meier

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The effects of ambient odor (lavender, neroli or placebo) and suggestions related to the effects of an odor (relaxing, stimulating or none) on mood were explored. Mood of 90 undergraduate women was assessed using physiological measures (heart rate and skin conductance) and the self-report Profile of Mood States questionnaire. Analysis indicated that(More)
For sensor networks a wide variety of time synchronization protocols exist. These protocols establish a common logical clock between participating nodes. This logical clock has no relation with wall clock time. While a synchronized logical clock enables many interesting applications, such as more energy efficient MAC protocols, it does not cater much to the(More)
Anomaly detection allows for the identification of unknown and novel attacks in network traffic. However, current approaches for anomaly detection of network packet payloads are limited to the analysis of plain byte sequences. Experiments have shown that application-layer attacks become difficult to detect in the presence of attack obfuscation using payload(More)
Ab uilding automation system (BAS) is the IT equipment within ab uild-ing that monitors and controls the building (e.g., measuring temperature in aroom to configure the heating levelw ithin the same room). We discuss the potential and the use of botnets in the context of BAS. Our botnet concept and scenario is novelinthe sense that it takes advantage of the(More)
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