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There is an immediate need to drastically reduce the emissions associated with global fossil fuel consumption in order to limit climate change. However, carbon-based materials, chemicals, and transportation fuels are predominantly made from fossil sources and currently there is no alternative source available to adequately displace them. Gas-fermenting(More)
We have established a two-stage continuous fermentation process for production of ethanol from synthesis gas (syngas) with Clostridium ljungdahlii. The system consists of a 1-L continuously stirred tank reactor as a growth stage and a 4-L bubble column equipped with a cell recycle module as an ethanol production stage. Operating conditions in both stages(More)
Auditory nerve and brain stem evoked responses were summated from multiple scalp and earlobe electrodes from five subjects with normal hearing to determine the spatial voltage relationships along the coronal and/or sagital planes that make up the electrode array. All recordings maintained their positive polarity, and polarity inversions were not observed at(More)
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