Michael E K Moffatt

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OBJECTIVE To determine the efficacy of iron-fortified infant formula in preventing developmental delays and abnormal behavior. DESIGN Double-blind, randomized, controlled trial. SETTING Urban hospital clinic. PARTICIPANTS A total of 283 healthy, bottle-fed infants from very low income families. Children with prematurity, low birth weight, and major(More)
BACKGROUND Defining the complication rate of endoscopy performed across an entire city will capture usual as opposed to referral center data. OBJECTIVE Our purpose was to evaluate the current practice of colonoscopy and complications associated with lower GI endoscopy in usual clinical practice. DESIGN All admissions within 30 days of an outpatient(More)
OBJECTIVES Prevention strategies are integral to improving the oral health for young Aboriginal children. For such to be effective, it is important to understand the social value that parents and caregivers ascribe to primary teeth. The purpose of this paper is to report caregiver knowledge and attitudes toward preschool oral health and early childhood(More)
Dental caries in Indigenous children is a child health issue that is multifactorial in origin and strongly influenced by the determinants of health. The evidence suggests that extensive dental caries has an effect on health and well-being of the young child. This article focuses on early childhood caries as an overall proxy for Indigenous childhood oral(More)
The distribution of plasma lipids and their sociodemographic and metabolic correlates were investigated in two Arctic indigenous populations based on two health surveys conducted during 1990-1991 among adults in eight Inuit communities in the Keewatin region of the Northwest Territories, Canada (n = 387), and in four communities in the Chukotka region in(More)
OBJECTIVES The purpose of this study was to review cardiovascular mortality, morbidity, and risk factors in the multiethnic population of the Northwest Territories, Canada. METHODS We analyzed death certificates and hospital records, and used a community health and examination survey. RESULTS The age-standardized mortality rate for ischemic heart(More)
BACKGROUND/PURPOSE Traumatic injuries cause substantial morbidity and mortality in children. Trauma registries are essential to assess and improve standards of trauma care. An interprovincial study of pediatric trauma between 6 centers across Canada who use identical software components was completed. METHODS Data were collected from April 1, 1995 to(More)
Locus of control was measured at the beginning and end of a three-week camp experience in 156 children with juvenile diabetes. The results were compared with those of 30 diabetic children who did not attend camp. Both the Nowicki Strickland Children's Locus of Control and the Parcel Health Locus of Control scales were used. In addition, subjective(More)
OBJECTIVE To conduct a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials of antibiotic treatment of acute otitis media in children to determine whether outcomes were comparable in children treated with antibiotics for less than 7 days or at least 7 days or more. DATA SOURCES MEDLINE (1966-1997), EMBASE (1974-1997), Current Contents, and Science Citation Index(More)
OBJECTIVES Inadequate maternal vitamin D (assessed by using 25-hydroxyvitamin D [25OHD]) levels during pregnancy may affect tooth calcification, predisposing enamel hypoplasia and early childhood caries (ECC). The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship between prenatal 25OHD concentrations and dental caries among offspring during the first(More)