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Co-Prevalence of Tremor with Spasmodic Dysphonia: A Case-Control Study: Co-morbid tremor in Spasmodic Dysphonia
OBJECTIVES/HYPOTHESIS The aim of this study was to define the co-prevalence of tremor with spasmodic dysphonia (SD).
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Age, timing, and a variable environment affect double brooding of a long-lived seabird
Differences in reproductive output for marine vertebrates are driven by a combination of environmental, physiological, and behavioral cues. Individuals use these cues when balancing the tradeoffExpand
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Oceanographic drivers of winter habitat use in Cassin's auklets.
Reduced prey abundance and severe weather can lead to a greater risk of mortality for seabirds during the non-breeding winter months. Resource patterns in some regions are shifting and becoming moreExpand
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Fluorescent ornamentation in the Rhinoceros Auklet Cerorhinca monocerata
Avian species have developed a range of markers for transmitting information, among them ornamented plumage, behavioural patterns and conspicuous bill structures. Members of the marine subfamilyExpand
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Increased reproductive investment associated with greater survival and longevity in Cassin's auklets
Individuals increase lifetime reproductive output through a trade-off between investment in future survival and immediate reproductive success. This pattern may be obscured in certain higher qualityExpand
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Memoriam for Frank N. Ritter, MD
Thank You to Reviewers
The Editor wishes to recognize and thank the following individuals who have served as the scientific review panel for theArchivesover the past months (April 1995-March 1996). Their constructive andExpand
Book Review: Head and Neck Surgery, Indications, Techniques, Pitfalls
EDITOR'S NOTE: The reviewers have rated the books reviewed on a scale of one to three. The highest rating ;s given to books that fulfill their objectives and skillfully convey information to theExpand