Michael E. Hoffman

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Let P n and Q n be the polynomials obtained by repeated diierentiation of the tangent and secant functions respectively. From the exponential generating functions of these polynomials we develop relations among their values, which are then applied to various numerical sequences which occur as values of the P n and Q n. For example, P n (0) and Q n (0) are(More)
Multiple zeta values have been studied by a wide variety of methods. In this article we summarize some of the results about them that can be obtained by an algebraic approach. This involves " coding " the multiple zeta values by monomials in two noncommuting variables x and y. Multiple zeta values can then be thought of as defining a map ζ : H 0 → R from a(More)
We define a homomorphism ζ from the algebra of quasi-symmetric functions to the reals which involves the Euler constant and multiple zeta values. Besides advancing the study of multiple zeta values, the homomorphism ζ appears in connection with two Hirzebruch genera of almost complex manifolds: the Γ-genus (related to mirror symmetry) and thê Γ-genus(More)
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