Michael E. Cholette

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Increases in functionality, power and intelligence of modern engineered systems led to complex systems with a large number of interconnected dynamic subsystems. In such machines, faults in one subsystem can cascade and affect the behavior of numerous other subsystems. This complicates the traditional fault monitoring procedures because of the need to train(More)
This paper addresses the problem of estimating continuous boundaries between acceptable and unacceptable engineering design parameters in complex engineering applications. In particular, a procedure is proposed to reduce the computational cost of finding and representing the boundary. The proposed methodology combines a low-discrepancy sequence (Sobol) and(More)
In this paper, a model-predictive control (MPC) method is detailed for the control of nonlinear systems with stability considerations. It will be assumed that the plant is described by a local input/output ARX-type model, with the control potentially included in the premise variables, which enables the control of systems that are nonlinear in both the state(More)
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