Michael Drinkwater

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Robots can be important additions to human teams if they improve team performance by providing new skills or improving existing skills. However, to get the full benefits of a robot the team must trust and use it appropriately. We present an agent algorithm that allows a robot to estimate its trustworthiness and adapt its behavior in an attempt to increase(More)
Robots are added to human teams to increase the team's skills or capabilities. To gain the acceptance of the human teammates, it may be important for the robot to behave in a manner that the teammates consider trustworthy. We present an approach that allows a robot's behavior to be adapted so that it behaves in a trustworthy manner. The adaptation is guided(More)
The addition of a robot to a team can be difficult if the human teammates do not trust the robot. This can result in underutilization or disuse of the robot, even if the robot has skills or abilities that are necessary to achieve team goals or reduce risk. To help a robot integrate itself with a human team, we present an agent algorithm that allows a robot(More)
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