Michael Drexhage

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Increasing evidence suggests that forest soils in central and northern Europe as well as in North America have been significantly acidified by acid deposition during the last decades. The present investigation was undertaken to examine the effect of soil acidity on rooting patterns of 40-year-old Norway spruce trees by comparing fine and coarse roots among(More)
A low-magnetic-field digitising device combined with AMAPmod, a software designed to analyse plant architecture, provided a very efficient method for measuring and studying the geometry and topology of the structural roots of trees. The digitising device measures co-ordinates in a 3D space. AMAPmod was used to assess several characteristics of the root(More)
BACKGROUND The contribution of vegetation to shallow-slope stability is of major importance in landslide-prone regions. However, existing slope stability models use only limited plant root architectural parameters. This study aims to provide a chain of tools useful for determining the contribution of tree roots to soil reinforcement. METHODS(More)
Dendrochronological studies dealing with roots, stems and branches are very rare or often take the form of short notes. The difficulties of detecting rings and of quantifying the radial growth in roots have already been described for various species. In oak the anatomical root structure differs from stemwood. The roots are radial-porous or diffuse-porous,(More)
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