Michael Dougherty

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In this paper, we present several optimizations to our previously presented soft shadow volume algorithm. Our optimizations include tighter wedges, heavily optimized pixel shader code for both rectangular and spherical light sources, a frame buffer blending technique to overcome the limitation of 8-bit frame buffers, and a simple culling algorithm. These(More)
Cvetkovi´c, Rajkovi´c, and Ivkovi´c proved that the Hankel transform of the sequence of sums of adjacent Catalan numbers is the bisection of the sequence of Fibonacci numbers. Here, we find recurrence relations for the Hankel transform of more general linear combinations of Catalan numbers, involving up to four adjacent Catalan numbers, with arbitrary(More)
Approximately 136,000 concussions occur annually in American high school sports. Neuropsychological data indicate that children with preexisting cognitive difficulties, such as attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), may have protracted recovery from concussion. ADHD, with an estimated prevalence of 11% in youth, may increase an athlete's(More)
Native American communities face serious health disparities and, living in rural areas, often lack regular access to healthcare services as compared to other Americans. Since the early 1970’s, telecommunication technology has been explored as a means to address the cost and quality of, as well as access to, healthcare on rural reservations. This systematic(More)
Two central assumptions of unconscious thought theory (UTT) are the capacity assumption and the weighting assumption. The capacity assumption states that unconscious thought (UT) is unconstrained by cognitive capacity, thereby enabling people to make capacity-free choices when information can be aggregated unconsciously. The weighting assumption states that(More)
In this paper we used a proactive interference (PI) paradigm to examine the effect of generating irrelevant alternative hypotheses on probability judgments. Two possible effects of generating irrelevant alternative hypotheses on probability judgment were tested: discrimination failure and inhibition failure. The discrimination failure account predicted that(More)
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