Michael Doubrava

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The fate of the endocrine disrupting compound 4-nonylphenol (NP) in an agricultural soil amended with biosolids was assessed in a greenhouse study. A biosolids with a total NP concentration of 900 mg kg(-1) was incorporated into the 4 cm surface layer of soil columns at an agronomic rate equivalent to 1.7 kg m(2). Half of the columns were planted with(More)
Summary: Fat oxidation is important for maintaining health and for supplying energy for exercise. We have proposed that the predisposition for individual rates of fat oxidation is determined genetically but may be modulated by acute exercise or exercise training. The purpose of this study was to examine cellular fat oxidation in white blood cells (WBC)(More)
The vast proliferation in the continuously changing telecommunications environment of Next-Generation-Networks (NGNs) poses strict requirements for the dynamic adaptation of mobile devices according to the user needs, system resources and Radio Access Technology (RAT) availability. The reconfiguration concept emerges as a paradigm that offers an effective(More)
The fluorescence detection of ultra high energy (J10 eV) cosmic rays requires a detailed knowledge of the fluorescence light emission from nitrogen molecules, which are excited by the cosmic ray shower particles along their path in the atmosphere. We have made a precise measurement of the fluorescence light spectrum excited by MeV electrons in dry air. We(More)
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