Michael Dorna

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We describe the formalism CUF (Comprehensive Uniication Formalism), which has been designed as a tool for writing and making computational use of any kind of linguistic description ranging from phonology to pragmatics. The motivations for its major design decisions are discussed. CUF is an oospring of the line of theory-neutral universal grammar formalisms(More)
This article presents a new semanticbased transfer approach developed and applied within the Verbmobil Machine Translation project. We give an overview of the declarative transfer formalism together with its procedural realization. Our approach is discussed and compared with several other approaches from the MT literature. The results presented in this(More)
We present two approaches for syntactic and semantic transfer based on LFG f-structures and compare the results with existing co-description and restriction operator based approaches, focusing on aspects of ambiguity preserving transfer, complex cases of syntactic structural mismatches as well as on modularity and reusability. The two transfer approaches(More)
A large spoken dialogue translation system imposes both engineering and linguistic constraints on the way in which linguistic information is communicated between modules. We describe the design and use of interface terms, whose formal, functional and communicative role has been tested in a sequence of integrated systems and which have proven adequate to(More)
In the context of the public funded project BoniRob we have developed an autonomous agricultural robot that can autonomously perform repeating phenotyping tasks for individual plants on different days. These tasks require a robust and reliable navigation and perception system. In this paper, we summarize our navigation approach and give details about the(More)
This article describes the concepts and the contents of Verbmobil Interface Terms (VITs). In VITs all linguistic information of an utterance relevant for translation is represented. They are used to provide an interface representation between several linguistic and dialog components of the Verbmobil system. Information in VITs is encoded in a recordlike(More)
In this paper we present an ambiguity preserving translation approach which transfers ambiguous LFG f-structure representations. It is based on packed f-structure representations which are the result of potentially ambiguous utterances. If the ambiguities between source and target language can be preserved, no unpacking during transfer is necessary and the(More)
We present work on the task of reducing noise in nominal terminology extraction. Based on a comparative evaluation of statistical measures aimed at capturing domain specificity, we propose strategies to increase the typically quite low accuracy of classical hybrid nominal multi-word term extraction. Our experiments on a set of German do-it-yourself(More)