Michael Donath

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Most of the glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase (GAPDH) genes characterized in plants and algae to date have one intron very close to the 5′ end of the gene. To study the functional relevance of some of these introns for gene expression we have analysed the influence of three 5′ introns on transient gene expression of the anaerobically inducible(More)
Although transduction with amphotropic murine leukemia virus (MLV) vectors has been optimized successfully for hematopoietic differentiated progenitors, gene transfer to early hematopoietic cells (stem cells) is still highly restricted. A similar restriction to gene transfer was observed in the mouse stem cell line FDC-Pmix compared with transfer in the(More)
Transient expression experiments show that the maize GapA1 promoter exhibits a requirement for sequences contained within intron 1 and surrounding exon border regions for expression in maize Black Mexican Sweet cells. Maize GapA1-promoter constructs lacking intron 1 are inactive. Intron 1 and its exon border sequences, when reintroduced into constructs(More)
The role of Factor VIII light chain cleavage in Factor VIII activation and subunit interaction was investigated. Purified Factor VIII was dissociated into its separate subunits, and the isolated light chain was cleaved by thrombin at position Arg1689 or by Factor Xa at position Arg1721. These Factor VIII light chain derivatives then were used for(More)
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