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A long-sought goal of medical genetics has been development of prenatal diagnostic procedures that do not endanger the conceptus. Reliable and universal screening for cytogenetic disorders would require analysis of fetal cells isolated from the maternal circulation. This would be applicable to all pregnant women, irrespective of their ages or histories. In(More)
During pregnancy, nucleated fetal erythrocytes enter the maternal circulation and can be isolated efficiently from the maternal cells by multiparameter flow cytometry. Male DNA, implying presence of a male fetus, can be identified in flow-sorted maternal blood by polymerase chain reaction with oligonucleotide primers flanking single-copy Y-specific DNA(More)
Separation of fetal cells from maternal blood could provide a means for prenatal diagnosis that would not endanger the fetus. In this pursuit, we attempted cytogenetic analysis of candidate fetal cells flow sorted on the basis of parental HLA disparity. Metaphases showing 46,XY or aneuploidy and concordant with prenatal diagnostic studies (i.e.,(More)
Terbium, a trivalent lanthanide, effectively substituted for Ca2+ in calmodulin as judged by several criteria: intrinsic fluorescence spectra, altered mobilities on polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis, formation of a stable complex with troponin I or calcineurin, and stimulation of phosphodiesterase. Calmodulin harbors four Ca2+ binding domains; domains I(More)
BACKGROUND Nucleolar organizer regions (AgNORs) are associated with proliferative activity and ploidy in many tumors. The endocervical growth pattern of cervical adenocarcinoma renders tumor volume assessment more difficult, necessitating additional prognostic indicators. METHODS Thirty-five cases of cervical adenocarcinoma were evaluated by reviewing(More)
We evaluated parameters of cell differentiation and proliferation to improve prognostication of ovarian adult granulosa cell tumors. Recurrent tumors (n = 10, REC group) and nonrecurrent tumors (n = 30, NED group) were compared in terms of cellular atypia, nuclear area, p53 overexpression, ploidy, DNA index, mitosis count, S-phase fraction, and nucleolar(More)
Activated macrophages release cytokines and growth factors that may contribute to the growth of vascular smooth muscle cells in injured blood vessels. In the present study, we investigated the interactions between interleukin-1 beta (IL-1 beta) and basic fibroblast growth factor (FGF-2) in primary rat aortic smooth muscle cells, relative to their effects on(More)
The clinical course of 14 patients diagnosed with small cell carcinoma of the cervix (SCC) was reviewed and compared to that of 37 cases of undifferentiated large cell nonkeratonizing carcinoma (LCNK). We observed the following differences between the two: SCC patients had a higher incidence of pelvic wall involvement and distant metastasis; the development(More)