Michael Di Gioacchino

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The ultrastructure fluctuations and complex dynamics of the multi-layered membrane structure of myelin are fundamental for understanding and control its formation process and its degeneration and repair in neurological diseases such as multiple sclerosis (MS). Myelin is considered a liquid-crystal but there are no information on its multiscale fluctuations(More)
While the ultrastructure of the myelin has been considered to be a quasi-crystalline stable system, nowadays its multiscale complex dynamics appears to play a key role for its functionality, degeneration and repair processes following neurological diseases and trauma. In this work, we have investigated the interactions between axons associated to the nerve(More)
Ultrastructural fluctuations at nanoscale are fundamental to assess properties and functionalities of advanced out-of-equilibrium materials. We have taken myelin as a model of supramolecular assembly in out-of-equilibrium living matter. Myelin sheath is a simple stable multi-lamellar structure of high relevance and impact in biomedicine. Although it is(More)
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