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Measurement of crystal size distributions
Abstract Studies of crystal size distributions (CSD) can reveal much about how rocks solidify and under what conditions. Data from two-dimensional sections can be readily acquired at many differentExpand
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Quantitative Textural Measurements in Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology
Acknowledgements 1. Introduction 1.1 Petrological methods 1.2 Qualitative versus quantitative data 1.3 What do I mean by texture? 1.4 Information density and data sources 1.5 Structure of this bookExpand
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Closure in crystal size distributions (CSD), verification of CSD calculations, and the significance of CSD fans
Abstract Crystal size distribution (CSD) measurements are susceptible to the closure problem, just like chemical compositions. In its simplest form this means that the total crystal content of a rockExpand
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Magma dynamics beneath Kameni volcano, Thera, Greece, as revealed by crystal size and shape measurements
Size distributions of plagioclase crystals in series of recent porphyritic dacite lavas from Kameni volcano, Greece, can be modelled by mixing two populations of crystals, each with overlappingExpand
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Crystallization Sequence and Magma Chamber Processes in the Ferrobasaltic Sept Iles Layered Intrusion, Canada
The Sept Iles layered intrusion (Quebec, Canada; 564 Ma) is a large plutonic body with a diameter of 80 km and a thickness of 6 km made up from its base to top of a layered series with troctolite andExpand
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Origin of Anorthosite by Textural Coarsening: Quantitative Measurements of a Natural Sequence of Textural Development
The textures of plagioclase crystals within large olivine oikocrysts preserve the sequence of the formation of anorthosite. Such textures have been quantified in a troctolite‐anorthosite from theExpand
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A crystal size-distribution study of the Kiglapait layered mafic intrusion, Labrador, Canada: evidence for textural coarsening
Abstract. Crystal size distributions (CSD) of plagioclase, olivine and clinopyroxene from the Kiglapait intrusion, Labrador were measured for a series of 13 samples spanning most of the exposedExpand
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Paracentric inversions in humans: a review of 446 paracentric inversions with presentation of 120 new cases.
We present a large review of 446 cases of paracentric inversions (PAI), including 120 new cases, to assess their incidence, distribution, inheritance, modes of ascertainment, interchromosomalExpand
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Origin of megacrysts in granitoids by textural coarsening: a crystal size distribution (CSD) study of microcline in the Cathedral Peak Granodiorite, Sierra Nevada, California
Abstract Microcline megacrysts in the Cathedral Peak Granodiorite and other parts of the Tuolumne Intrusive Suite were formed by textural coarsening (Ostwald Ripening) of earlier formed crystals. TheExpand
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Composition of the Canadian Precambrian shield and the continental crust of the earth
Summary Following a summary of the pre-Archaean history of the earth’s crust, the present compositions of the upper and lower continental crust are appraised. There is no sure evidence that theExpand
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